An Engaging Solution to a Complex Task

An Engaging Solution to a Complex Task


Compared to classic teaching methods, studies show
increased retention of information
using Virtual Reality to augment a lesson


Higher quality training due to better retention of information


By design, VR is more interactive than any other style of teaching

Straight to the point

Using our product workflow, we create a fully customized solution, only setting up the things you want for your organization. 

Without predetermined packages, we are able to make the most out of your resources. 



Part of our product creation is making a roadmap for expansion,  setting your organization up for future success

working with you

We take your current workplace training system and build on it;  making it more efficient, effective, and interactive.


When you first learned how to fold a paper plane,

did you become a pro by listening?

Or by doing?



Different people work best

with different teaching methods

At VRtrain we believe in combining those things together.

Dive in our example below, and find out

 Please be advised that the following video is available only in Romanian at the moment. Thank you for your understanding .

Meet the Team

Emil Bradea – CEO

Engineer, Serial Entrepreneur


Emilia Bradea –  Sales and Marketing Manager

The Psychologist, passionate about technology

Octavian Florea – IT Consultant

Computer Engineer, IT jack of all trades


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